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Sports practised in Senegal

Several sports are practised here in Senegal. The most popular one is football. Many young boys and even adults play football every day. For adults, it can be only a matter of well being, but for young people, it’s more likely to be an opportunity of finding the way to success. For both adults and young people, it’s a hobby, an occasion of gathering. Other sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball, athletism, swimming wrestling and martial art are practised here. All these sports are practised for different purposes. There are some people who practice one sport for their daily life balance, to maintain a certain level of health, whereas others do their sport in search of a professional career.

Unfortunately we are suffering from a lack of infrastructure, which is illustrated by the results of our sportsmen in the international competitions. There is a set of questions which answers should be found for the interest of sportsmen and for honor the country.

  1. What is the role of the authorities for the promotion of sports?
  2. How can the populations encourage authorities in this fight?
  3. What can be the strategies to develop for the harmonization of the investment from authorities and the encouraging actions of the populations?

First of all, it’s a duty for the authorities to invest in modern sports infrastructure that will offer to our young generations more opportunities to respond positively to the global meetings in sports.

Secondly, we, populations must take good care of everything that allows us to practice our activities. If we take the example of the infrastructure of sports like handball and volley-ball, we can quickly realize that Senegal is quite unknown on the international. So there are lots of efforts to do and everybody should be involved in this fight.

A very important point is violence in the domain of sport; sport is normally an activity of human sharing. Unfortunately in the area of wrestling which’s our national sport, there is too much violence. Thus there is a need for upstream awareness. Therefore people of more or less experience in peace education and fair play strategies should be formed to develop such skills in the populations and also, a system of maintenance of the infrastructure based on the supervision of the use of any material at the disposal of people for sports activities, including stadiums and environment.